Reviewer's Pick Awards:
Best Female Vocals in Folk
Best Lyrics in Folk
Best Guitars in Folk
July 30 - Aug 13, 2007
"Where they shine is the folk and country-western sound ala "Tornado", "Meth Blues", "Santa Fe" and so on, which bring to mind images of hot southern summer days, small town fairground foods, sweet tea, old folks on front porch rockers and a little stage featuring local musicians. Blackberry River Band has a very appealing hometown feel. Those into country music will thoroughly delight in this find."
Lisa Thurman's vocals have been likened to Alisson Krauss, Bonnie Raitt, The New Bohemians (Score Music), Heart, Gillian Welch, Janis Joplin (TAXI), Norah Jones and Stevie Nicks (RadioIndy).
Score Music Magazine

"Enjoyable collection of folk and rock songs. Santa Fe by the Blackberry River Band is a refreshing collection of acoustic/folk hits! The blues-reminiscent “Call the Doctor” illuminates a heavy hypnotic groove, while showing off this band’s compelling song arrangements and skillful instrumentation. The folk-inspired “Something New” demonstrates the Blackberry River Band’s ability to cross genre boundaries with great ease, both vocally and musically. “Changes” gives a pleasant introduction to this band’s soft rock side. Vocally, Santa Fe switches between male and female lead singers, adding even more appeal and diversity! Spotless production puts the wraps on this masterful collection! Followers of Stevie Nicks and Norah Jones will find this CD to be irresistible!"
Xavier P. for
"SantaFe (Aweberry) is the debut recording of the Blackberry River Band, released more than a year ago. If, like me, you missed it, fans of acoustic roots music will find much to like on this record. 'Tornado' is a mid-paced bluegrass tune telling a tale of tragic love confounded repeatedly by nature. The tilte tune turns a spritely pace and features some close harmonizing. Vocalist Lisa Thurman has one of those voices that doesn't particularly announce itself, but rings so true its memorable. "
Skyscraper Magazine
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